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08-27-2015, 01:13 PM
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08-27-2015, 11:04 AM
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Photo Flower power
Posted by: Xena - 08-27-2015, 03:45 PM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

While doing the test of structure damage vs c4/grenade/rockets I found some time to test the new flower turrets.

[Image: flowerpower.png]

The above cluster of 4 flowers where placed on a rocky uneven surface, in a diamond shape for max fire power efficiency. Fertilizer and water added (canteen).

Range where adjusted to "long", "attack all".

Ptera, Rex, Ankylo, Mammoth, Bronto, Argents where tested against this cluster.

Longest survival time T-Rex, Bronto, Ankylo in that order. Rex did survive the longest by total of 8 second survival time. Argent lasts bit longer than ptera but they go down fast.

Dinos, upto level 100 where tested and all of them dies within 10 seconds. While lower levels 30-65 lasts about 4-5 seconds.

Flower power for sure, these buggers do work.

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  Server tribe ideas.
Posted by: Xena - 08-27-2015, 01:13 PM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

Revised version -> 29-08-2015 :

Sometimes in light of reflection one sees potential improvements upon ideas.

Server admin creates -one tribe-, lets call it tribe " X " for now.

Having -1- not -2- tribes makes it less work to administrate, solves the leadership problem, solves the issue of tribe vs tribe if or when theres an pvp situation.

Tribe " X " get following governance settings, to ensure that everyone own their personal stuff and no one else can steal from others :

# Dino taming :

  • --- Tribe taming
  • *** Personal taming
  • ^ Meaning any dino must be tamed by the player and is from then owned by the player and cannot be loaned or stolen by another member.
# Dino ownership :
  • --- Tribe owned
  • --- Personally owned, Tribe ridden
  • *** Personally owned, personally ridden.
  • ^ Meaning any dino must be tamed by the player and is from then owned by the player and cannot be loaned or stolen by another member.
# Structure ownership :
  • --- Tribe owned
  • --- Personally owned, Tribe Snap, Admin Demolish
  • *** Personally owned, personal snap.
  • ^ This one is alternative of two choices, maybe "admin demolish" could be the alternative. However idea is, player build, own and can lock down his own property.
# Locks & Pincodes :
  • --- Tribe Locks & pincodes
  • *** Person locks & Pincodes
  • ^ Again, each player have their own doors, lockers etc and everything is private to that player.

Idea is to avoid anyone borrowing another tribe members dinos, or loan huge amounts of resources from a locker, without the consent of another player.

Players who choose to share their pincode with another player can of course do so, and with that the other player(s) can access their lockers.

Miscellaneous :

To get maximum safety it is suggested that players build within close distance of the server tribe headquarter rather than opposite side of the map. It is still up to each player where to build, aslong as they follow the rules as stated in the server ruleset.

To minimize the workload on admin, and clutter on the map etc, vacant buildings will be destroyed as in stated in the ruleset. At same time any dino will be destroyed too, unless tribe members should request them. There will be no more "dino garage" as it takes way too much management time (transport, feeding etc).

The core idea is that everyone in the tribe help each other as much as possible to create a strong active tribe that can hold up if theres a pvp battle.

By helping out it means that if someone have a tamed mammoth that can harvest wood then please use it to harvest some for the tribe members aswell, while the one with doedicurus can supply some extra stones for those in need.

As idea mature this post will be revised again, comments & feedback is ofc welcome.

---> Original idea.

Briefly this been discussed on the PvE server earlier :

Server managed tribes A & B (name will ofc be something different).

Tribe A would be the highly active players.
Tribe B would be the more casual players.

Exact governance settings per tribe would be to determined ofc.

I suggest reading this link to get an idea of tribe governance settings possible.

The idea behind this is that new players can join tribe B to begin with, to learn the game, get some help, have a social community around them etc.

Then later on, if their very active can move on to tribe A.

Tribe A & B would of course not be in conflict but supporting each other as needed.

Feel free to discuss this, or alternatives etc.

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Information Rules
Posted by: Xena - 08-27-2015, 11:04 AM - Forum: Information - No Replies

Temp rules setup (will be modified, rewritten to clear things etc as needed) :

Above all :

  • Admin requests, and site rules will be respected.
  • No harassment of others, this include but is not limited to unsolicited comments, threats, or other unwanted immature behaviour.
  • Be positive, helpful, be an inspiration for others to follow.
IF your a streamer, and your here either to make a live stream recording or record for later, then let Admin (and players) know your here todo that.

Rules & info :

  1. First player (or tribe) to find a location and builds there “owns it”.
  2. Do not block off resources, its an PVE server, we share resources. No dino gates before cave entrances etc.
  3. Vacant buildings / dinos found, from players that shown little to no interest of the game in the past 1 week will notified if possible. If unreachable, buildings will be destroyed after 2 weeks and all dinos set free. ***
  4. ASK if its okay you can borrow or take resources collected by others, and replace it as you go along. Theres some supplies around isle thats ment to be free of use (shelters), but we all gotta resupply as needed. If you take stuff from the shelters please tell Xena soon as possible so its possible to resupply that shelter (remember the coords or name of shelter).
  5. Server is -enforced PVE- meaning you will see other tribes and some of the players or their dinos as hostiles, but you cannot kill them nor can they kill you.
  6. Go with your playstyle, find your role. Wanna be the guy that harvest wood for everyone else to use, go ahead. Wanna be the one having all the heavy lifter birds to assist others, go ahead.
  7. Found an “Xena” construction in a spot you would like, just ask Xena and possibly the construction is removed & area freed.

PvP rules ( PvP window set to 18:00 - 22:00 ) :

  1. No killing of dinos thats on "Passive"
  2. No killing of dinos being tamed.
  3. No camping near spawn, or spawnkilling.
  4. No slaughtering of tribes entire dino collection
  5. No unnecessary destruction of property, break the door to get in but dont demolish entire building. Only use necessary force to break in.
  6. No emptying of lockers etc. Its ok to steal the blueprint you need, but dropping everything they have on the ground to make it vanish is forbidden.
Changes to rules may happen if-when we see fit. We want to promote "positive pvp" not making people leave because one or two cant behave.

Misc :

  1. ASK if something is unclear, ASK if you need help, ASK if you wanna borrow resources or whatever.
  2. Any dispute with anyone, feel things is unfair, problem with a neighbour? Talk to Xena and I am sure we can work something out.
*** 3) vacant buildings & demolition. ::: To be fair to more active players land of inactive players is freed up, dinos is freed etc. Still if the inactive player comes back at a later time and want to play active again then ask admin or the veteran players for help/info (if wanted/needed). We keep a good stock of supplies and can help with building bricks, tools or just info. We cannot however give back land.

Prizes / Giveaways (aka loot) :

To participate in any form of giveaways/competitions players must be active players, logged in for 10 hours a week (minimum two active days), be reachable ingame/steam, this is simply to avoid the “loot raiders”.
Special rules will apply to certain campaigns etc, and will be notified then.
Winner(s) will be announced on website, and ingame.
In what shape and form the loot will be given will vary, same with the competitions. It can be as simple as a dice roll at a random time, or it can be a planned event in some form.
Frequency of this will be randomized.

Note :

Unclaimed rewards where admin have not been able to contact, nor been contacted by the winner, will after 3 days be put back to “loot crate” and reused at a later date (when possible).
*** (28-07-2015) – Added rule. Its natural that players find a game limited even boring after a time, and move on to the next game. The challenge with ARK and similar building games is to make space free to other players that have interest of the game. If you as player dont intend to play the game for a longer period of game, either tell Xena (like going on holiday, being sick, whatever) and its fine. Alternatively if you know your not gonna play the game anymore, then give the dinos to someone else that wants them and remove any buildings you have placed out. Free up the land so others can build there if they want too. Unfortunately if players leaves, with no message why, the land have to be freed the manual way by admin, and buildings will be demolished after 2 weeks unless admin / Xena is notified. Dinos however, will be set free.
Keep in mind, togheter we build the better community.

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Smile Server information
Posted by: Xena - 08-27-2015, 09:59 AM - Forum: Information - No Replies

Servers :

[EU/NO]Raptor.Nu PvE/Primitive/1Gbit >>> IP :
[EU/NO]Raptor.Nu PvP/Hightech/1Gbit >>> IP :

A guide on how to connect manually using steam is found on the webpage under ARK menu > Servers.

---//---//---//---//---//---//--- Server settings PVE primitive ---//---//---//---//---//---//---

( Goal been follow official primitive servers , but enhance for realism thus higher difficulty ) :

  • PVE : Yes
  • Show player pos on map : Yes
  • Third person : No (only when flying/riding dino)
  • Crosshair : Yes
  • Max players : 32 (this can be adjusted as needed)
  • Max tamed dinos (total) : 700
  • Dino taming speed : 3x faster
  • Dino count on island : +20%
  • Dino damage : 2x
  • Dino resistance : 50%
  • Dino (player owned) health regen at 2x speed.
  • Difficulty 400% (following official primitive server settings).
  • Day/Night cycle speed 1:1 at 50% speed (twice as long day/nights).
  • Player resource gain : 2x
  • Player food drain : 25% (default is 100%).
  • Player water drain : 25% (default is 100%)
  • Player resistance : 66%.
  • Player XP gain : +50%
  • Resources respawn time : 50% (faster)
  • Resource respawn radius : approx 28m from building or players.

Spoiling (decay) time increased to 3x the time.
Decomposition time (dropped backpack etc) at 100% default setting.
Corpse decomposition time 3x (gives player 3x as much time to get back to place he died, to recover gear etc).

Note : Wild dinos make more damage to player than basic primitive, this is to enhance realism.

Tamed Argent : Do less (-50%) damage (following primitive settings).
Tamed Ptera : Do less (-50%) damage (following primitive settings).

Alpha Rex , Alpha Carno, Alpha Raptor is all disabled, we can change it so other dinos respawn in their place but so far thats not been done.

---//---//---//---//---//---//--- Server settings PvP primitive hardcore ---//---//---//---//---//---//---

( Most settings from PvE server is cloned, hardcore modus set, pvp allowed  ) :

Atm server is under fine tuning but difference to PvE is :

Resource respawn radius approx 1m from buildings, approx 8m from player. This seem to be prefered for PvP servers.

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  The future
Posted by: Xena - 08-27-2015, 09:54 AM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

ARK allows great customization and list of few possibilities :

Engrams toggle on or off.
Scaling of levels, have 350 levels if needed
Scaling of dino damage and recovery
Scaling of resource harvesting
Scaling of XP earning
Scaling of day and night cycle, etc
Scaling of structures Health
Toggle pvp on in a certain timeframe and othervise pve only
Toggle fulltime pve or pvp
Change individual dinosaurs spawnchance etc.
Change individual dinosaurs damage etc.

And so on, theres alot of possibilities with this game.

However some changes is easier todo than others. Basicly, less one do the less risk of next patch messing up something.

For instance, removing high tech gear from engram list was easy todo but they still dropped from colored beacons because for some weeks there was no info on how to remove them.

What is clear is that devs goal of the game is an futuristic high tech world with dinosaurs, and anything else have lower priority.

When they add new content its almost always hightech like recently compound bow, scuba gear, spraygun etc.

Forward they plan to release a higher level "alien tier" with building bricks, elevators, buildable saddles etc.

On the horizon is also a snow biome and jungle/swamp biome with new caves, wolves and more dino fun with terror bird etc.

So with a new month coming up it seem like an good idea to consider possible changes, and I would like everyones input on how you want the game and server to be.

Seen from admin view most things can be tuned rather easy, like disallow certain engrams etc.

Only thing to be aware of is how certain items one way or the  other can influence gameplay, so it require some planning and double checking of effects it might have on gameplay.

Gaming wise I prefer bows over rifles but I appreciate benefits of generator and lamps over torches. Things like assault rifles I dont think belong in ARK but their hard to get and not much useful anyways. Scuba gear will change underwater playing on dx11-12 but not so much on dx10 as players forcing dx10 see alot more anyways.

So my question to all of ya, what do you want changed, why and so on.

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