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The future - Xena - 08-27-2015

ARK allows great customization and list of few possibilities :

Engrams toggle on or off.
Scaling of levels, have 350 levels if needed
Scaling of dino damage and recovery
Scaling of resource harvesting
Scaling of XP earning
Scaling of day and night cycle, etc
Scaling of structures Health
Toggle pvp on in a certain timeframe and othervise pve only
Toggle fulltime pve or pvp
Change individual dinosaurs spawnchance etc.
Change individual dinosaurs damage etc.

And so on, theres alot of possibilities with this game.

However some changes is easier todo than others. Basicly, less one do the less risk of next patch messing up something.

For instance, removing high tech gear from engram list was easy todo but they still dropped from colored beacons because for some weeks there was no info on how to remove them.

What is clear is that devs goal of the game is an futuristic high tech world with dinosaurs, and anything else have lower priority.

When they add new content its almost always hightech like recently compound bow, scuba gear, spraygun etc.

Forward they plan to release a higher level "alien tier" with building bricks, elevators, buildable saddles etc.

On the horizon is also a snow biome and jungle/swamp biome with new caves, wolves and more dino fun with terror bird etc.

So with a new month coming up it seem like an good idea to consider possible changes, and I would like everyones input on how you want the game and server to be.

Seen from admin view most things can be tuned rather easy, like disallow certain engrams etc.

Only thing to be aware of is how certain items one way or the  other can influence gameplay, so it require some planning and double checking of effects it might have on gameplay.

Gaming wise I prefer bows over rifles but I appreciate benefits of generator and lamps over torches. Things like assault rifles I dont think belong in ARK but their hard to get and not much useful anyways. Scuba gear will change underwater playing on dx11-12 but not so much on dx10 as players forcing dx10 see alot more anyways.

So my question to all of ya, what do you want changed, why and so on.