Full Version: Flower power
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While doing the test of structure damage vs c4/grenade/rockets I found some time to test the new flower turrets.

[Image: flowerpower.png]

The above cluster of 4 flowers where placed on a rocky uneven surface, in a diamond shape for max fire power efficiency. Fertilizer and water added (canteen).

Range where adjusted to "long", "attack all".

Ptera, Rex, Ankylo, Mammoth, Bronto, Argents where tested against this cluster.

Longest survival time T-Rex, Bronto, Ankylo in that order. Rex did survive the longest by total of 8 second survival time. Argent lasts bit longer than ptera but they go down fast.

Dinos, upto level 100 where tested and all of them dies within 10 seconds. While lower levels 30-65 lasts about 4-5 seconds.

Flower power for sure, these buggers do work.