Full Version: Server tribe ideas.
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Revised version -> 29-08-2015 :

Sometimes in light of reflection one sees potential improvements upon ideas.

Server admin creates -one tribe-, lets call it tribe " X " for now.

Having -1- not -2- tribes makes it less work to administrate, solves the leadership problem, solves the issue of tribe vs tribe if or when theres an pvp situation.

Tribe " X " get following governance settings, to ensure that everyone own their personal stuff and no one else can steal from others :

# Dino taming :
  • --- Tribe taming
  • *** Personal taming
  • ^ Meaning any dino must be tamed by the player and is from then owned by the player and cannot be loaned or stolen by another member.
# Dino ownership :
  • --- Tribe owned
  • --- Personally owned, Tribe ridden
  • *** Personally owned, personally ridden.
  • ^ Meaning any dino must be tamed by the player and is from then owned by the player and cannot be loaned or stolen by another member.
# Structure ownership :
  • --- Tribe owned
  • --- Personally owned, Tribe Snap, Admin Demolish
  • *** Personally owned, personal snap.
  • ^ This one is alternative of two choices, maybe "admin demolish" could be the alternative. However idea is, player build, own and can lock down his own property.
# Locks & Pincodes :
  • --- Tribe Locks & pincodes
  • *** Person locks & Pincodes
  • ^ Again, each player have their own doors, lockers etc and everything is private to that player.

Idea is to avoid anyone borrowing another tribe members dinos, or loan huge amounts of resources from a locker, without the consent of another player.

Players who choose to share their pincode with another player can of course do so, and with that the other player(s) can access their lockers.

Miscellaneous :

To get maximum safety it is suggested that players build within close distance of the server tribe headquarter rather than opposite side of the map. It is still up to each player where to build, aslong as they follow the rules as stated in the server ruleset.

To minimize the workload on admin, and clutter on the map etc, vacant buildings will be destroyed as in stated in the ruleset. At same time any dino will be destroyed too, unless tribe members should request them. There will be no more "dino garage" as it takes way too much management time (transport, feeding etc).

The core idea is that everyone in the tribe help each other as much as possible to create a strong active tribe that can hold up if theres a pvp battle.

By helping out it means that if someone have a tamed mammoth that can harvest wood then please use it to harvest some for the tribe members aswell, while the one with doedicurus can supply some extra stones for those in need.

As idea mature this post will be revised again, comments & feedback is ofc welcome.

---> Original idea.

Briefly this been discussed on the PvE server earlier :

Server managed tribes A & B (name will ofc be something different).

Tribe A would be the highly active players.
Tribe B would be the more casual players.

Exact governance settings per tribe would be to determined ofc.

I suggest reading this link to get an idea of tribe governance settings possible.

The idea behind this is that new players can join tribe B to begin with, to learn the game, get some help, have a social community around them etc.

Then later on, if their very active can move on to tribe A.

Tribe A & B would of course not be in conflict but supporting each other as needed.

Feel free to discuss this, or alternatives etc.