Full Version: Server information
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Servers :

[EU/NO]Raptor.Nu PvE/Primitive/1Gbit >>> IP :
[EU/NO]Raptor.Nu PvP/Hightech/1Gbit >>> IP :

A guide on how to connect manually using steam is found on the webpage under ARK menu > Servers.

---//---//---//---//---//---//--- Server settings PVE primitive ---//---//---//---//---//---//---

( Goal been follow official primitive servers , but enhance for realism thus higher difficulty ) :

  • PVE : Yes
  • Show player pos on map : Yes
  • Third person : No (only when flying/riding dino)
  • Crosshair : Yes
  • Max players : 32 (this can be adjusted as needed)
  • Max tamed dinos (total) : 700
  • Dino taming speed : 3x faster
  • Dino count on island : +20%
  • Dino damage : 2x
  • Dino resistance : 50%
  • Dino (player owned) health regen at 2x speed.
  • Difficulty 400% (following official primitive server settings).
  • Day/Night cycle speed 1:1 at 50% speed (twice as long day/nights).
  • Player resource gain : 2x
  • Player food drain : 25% (default is 100%).
  • Player water drain : 25% (default is 100%)
  • Player resistance : 66%.
  • Player XP gain : +50%
  • Resources respawn time : 50% (faster)
  • Resource respawn radius : approx 28m from building or players.

Spoiling (decay) time increased to 3x the time.
Decomposition time (dropped backpack etc) at 100% default setting.
Corpse decomposition time 3x (gives player 3x as much time to get back to place he died, to recover gear etc).

Note : Wild dinos make more damage to player than basic primitive, this is to enhance realism.

Tamed Argent : Do less (-50%) damage (following primitive settings).
Tamed Ptera : Do less (-50%) damage (following primitive settings).

Alpha Rex , Alpha Carno, Alpha Raptor is all disabled, we can change it so other dinos respawn in their place but so far thats not been done.

---//---//---//---//---//---//--- Server settings PvP primitive hardcore ---//---//---//---//---//---//---

( Most settings from PvE server is cloned, hardcore modus set, pvp allowed  ) :

Atm server is under fine tuning but difference to PvE is :

Resource respawn radius approx 1m from buildings, approx 8m from player. This seem to be prefered for PvP servers.